What preparations need to be done before running the marathon?

First, diet:

1. Eat more carbohydrates and sugar-containing foods in the previous week, eat less oil, spicy food. Eat more bread, bananas, vegetables, apples, etc. Especially the day before the game, I can't eat hot pot, and I can't drink. It is best to eat bread or steamed bananas, and drink some sports drinks. Eat a energy glue half an hour before the game, drink a little sporty drink. The time schedule is good for two to three hours before the game, don't eat too much, seven or eighth.

2, I remember to be emptied in the morning, and even two times. The best is to put the emptying habit in the morning in advance, if there is no money in the morning, it is necessary to row, otherwise it will be emptied in the running process. Before running, the toilet is ran, and it is difficult to decline during the running process.

Second, preparation before the game:

1 Preparing some of the Vaseline, or treat the skin of the skin, apply in the thigh root, armpit and chest, etc., especially when the weather is hot, especially when the weather is hot.

2 The game is fifteen to half an hour before going to bed, so that the body relaxes.

3 Before the game, I started to prepare for an hour before the game. After doing some slight stretching exercise and after the activity joint, I jogged five minutes, and I was doing a fifteen-minute stretching exercise. The high kick leg runs. Don't rush to take off your clothes when you do five minutes.

Half an hour before the competition, a few mouthfuls of sports drinks, then take off the clothes to the package, if the toilet does not squeeze the last toilet, then take off the clothes. It is enough to enter the departure zone ten minutes before the game. Don't completely don't move, keep doing some relaxed beating, tapping your muscles, keep your body, adjust sports watch or smartphone. Two minutes left by the competition, calm down and palate a few breaths, and recall the matters of the game, waiting for your trip to you.

Third, after the start of the game:

1, do not take the previous person to be fast, to run speeding up, especially the first three to five kilometers, especially the first three to five kilometers, more than about 15 seconds more than the average. After five kilometers, the average speed can be entered. Because people are more excited, they will feel very easy ten kilometers, but people's strength cannot be greatly improved because of the competition, and they are very fast after running.

2. What should I do if I feel that my physical strength has a decline? First, persistence, the second is to speed up adjustment in advance.

3. During the process of running, pay attention to the supplement of water and energy. It is best to have every hydrophone point, at least two hydrophones to supplement a water, water and sports drinks are best replenished. Don't wait until your thirst is drinking, then the actual body is already in a more serious lack of water.

4. The organizing committee has a semi-eating a banana once, or you can eat the energy glue and salt pill you prepare.

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