Cross-country training running needs what knowledge?

  The stronger is running in the mountains, the most simple definition is running in the mountains, and the peace is running in the way. At the same time, combined with the running and rapid mountaineering movement, the cross-country runs with running speed, while enjoying mountaineering Fun, the scenery is infinite.

1. There are more than one year road experience. Compared to the road run, cross-country running in the coordination ability, focus and endurance requirements of the runner. After more than a year of road training, the runner gradually familiar with you, allowing runners to gradually adapted to the demand for cross-romoring in endurance and physical coordination.

2. Master the main points of the slope training. A major feature of the overgrown run is that there are many upper and lower slope, and the slope is different. If you don't have a slope training experience, in the process of crossing the wild, you may make your knees and hips and other parts, which will cause pain.

3. Full strength training. Due to the particularity of the cross-country running conditions, the physical strength of the runner is also higher. The stability and coordination of the body requires support of physical strength.

4. Need a pair of professional running shoes. The cross-country running different from the road run, the cross-country running shoes require a steady, strong grip, non-slip, shoes, hard-working professional sports shoes. The breathability of running shoes is not required, but it must be strong. Because cross-country runs on different roads, too soft and unsure running shoes are very disadvantageous. The running shoes are best to be biased, as this can bring better stability, this point and road running shoes.

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