How is the newbie running a knee hurt?

1. Posture is not right: When the running posture is wrong, it will cause serious damage to the knee joint, so there will be symptoms of knee pain, so you want to exercise through running, pay attention to the right running posture, such as body integrity, Pulling in front of it, the foot is naturally landed, the arm naturally swing.

2. Do not do warm-up exercise: running is a more intense exercise. If there is no warm-up exercise before exercise, it may lead to knee ligament, and there is a symptom of knee pain. When there is no warm-up, it will also move because there is no sufficient lubricating liquid in the knee joint chamber, so that the knee is worn is more serious, and the pain will be more obvious.

3. Running is not worn: if the knee is hurt, it is best to wear the protective gear when running, so that the knee joint can reduce the wear of the knee, reduce the symptoms of knee pain, if you don't wear if you run Protective gear will cause knee pain.

4. Shoes are inappropriate: When you run, you must choose sneakers, which will not only make people feel more comfortable, but also avoid sports injuries. However, some people are special with specialty, wearing slippers, high heels, sandals, etc., wearing such shoes, will cause the running posture to be incorrect, causing knee pain.

Second, how to do the knee pain after running

1. Relax your muscle after running: Don't stop immediately after running, you should continue slowly, such as jogging, walking, walking, etc., which can effectively relax the leg muscles and joints, relieve the symptoms of knee pain. It is also possible to relax in the leg muscles, or relax with hot water, you can reduce the symptoms of knee pain.

Static stretching leg: If there is a symptom of a knee pain after running, the method of static stretching leg can relax the muscles of the legs, relieve the pain of knee.

Ice Application: When the knee pain after running, the method of ice can be taken, which can promote blood vessel shrinkage, reduce blood circulation, inhibit inflammation, and relieve the symptoms of knee pain.

In addition, you can slowly recover movement after no pain symptoms, there is a transition time. Otherwise, it is urgent to recover the exercise, causing the joint permanent damage to the loss.

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