What are the precautions for new hands running off-road?

The cross-country run is a very popular movement. Many people who run the marathon will choose to participate in the long-distance cross-country running, which can increase their physical strength and endurance, but many people run specific to the cross country Need to pay attention to what is not very well understood, the following is some details about cross-country running should be prepared and paying attention, I hope to help you.

1, choice of shoes and socks.

The cross-country running shoes are different from normal running shoes, and he needs to have a shocking function of off-road and running shoes. You can search for what cross country running shoes. As for the socks, it can prevent blisters and scratches during long-running, and the non-cotton socks that are stronger than the sweating ability can keep the feet warm and beautiful.

2, small steps jogging

The runner should slow down the speed, and use a shorter step to maintain a balance to make most of the body weight on the feet. Since there are more obstacles and unusual terrain, the individual record should not be used as a target.

3, prevent various weather

Appropriate equipment can prevent you from running too early because of certain weather factors. Choose moisture-resistant perspiration, keep warm and dry with windproof jacket. The lightweight hat is particularly helpful to prevent sunburn.

4, adjust the state to adapt to the road

Cross-country running and relaxing on the sidewalk is very big. Soft terrain also challenges the ankle, foot and core. To start from a short-range adventure, gradually increase the mileage.

5, pay attention to observe your front and observation around

In order to prevent falls or trip, the runner should always come to front, prepare for the topographic environment that is about to run, not straight at the foot. At any time, you have to look at 10 feet (about 3m) in front of the rock, root and any unexpected ditch. To check the length, the difficulty level, and the up and down slope or various turns along the way. Compared with developed GPS, it seems that the compass seems to be out of time - but it is important to distinguish it in the woods. To learn to determine the shortcut method, and always know how to go home. In an emergency, the phone will be very useful (unless no signal!).

6, pay attention to which winding roads

This is a person who specializes in love to pursue! Avoid temporarily adventure deviation from the original route. Such adventures are likely to encounter dangerous wild animals, bare ankles and legs may also encounter poison vines or other non-friendly plants.

7, and teammates

Going off-road adventure with one or two friends will be safe. They can not only become a source of power, but also provide security protection when they have unexpected. When running alone, consider wearing or wearing some equipments with identifiable information (ID bracelet is a fashion choice), list related medical and contact information.

8, use walk instead of running and strength training.

Runners will undoubtedly encounter a variety of terrain. Don't be afraid to walk on a steep place or potholes. This helps prevent injury and saves physical strength for the latter run. Not all training has to be carried out on the trail. Cross-training such as bicycle or strength training as a complement of cross-riddling, which enhances the muscular strength of the buttocks to prevent injury on uneven road surfaces.

9, must pay attention to supply

The hydration has a great impact on performance. Running distance KM8.05-9.66km - especially in warm weather, you must ensure a sealed kettle. For those who don't like to put the kettle, the hydrating backpack is a fashionable way to carry beverages. In addition, in order to avoid long-term time than expected, such snacks can also provide energy for continuous long distance movement, and now there is a better energy bar.

10, pay attention to keep warm

After completing the cross-field, you must pay attention to keep warm. This makes it possible to minimize the risk of colds, especially in winter, while the off-road runs although there is a slow, it is difficult than the marathon, so Khan is also very big, warm is very important, be sure to remember.

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