Trail Running Tips For amateur-runners

Many factors bring a Trail Running experience with the road running. The number of players who participated in the cross-country running competition, there are also many changes in the road, there are cement places, grass, stone roads, or even mud, etc. In addition, the cross-country running route has a variety of slopes of up and down slopes.

For amateur-runners, if there is no experience in cross-country, I want to try some preparatory exercises. If you are not ready, the Trail Running is still not suitable for the initiator.

runners often cannot expect the road conditions and bursts in front, so there is no time to control the speed. Runners should be cautious, keep calm and focus on the heart. Cross-country running training is generally not measured in a distance, but is measured in hours. The time spent on 10 kilometers away from the difficulty route is 50% to 100% more than the time spent on the road.

The most classic and best way of Trail Running while running. If you feel boring, you can also find a companion to meet yourself in nature.

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