What are the factors that suddenly stop the marathon runing?

1, sports damage and cramps

Body muscle joints are prone to problems in running or other exercises, including motion damage (such as individual muscles sprays, strain, sudden no sign of foot, calf or knee pain attack) and muscle spasm (that is, usually said Cramps).

Slightly try to adjust the motion status, such as running, if it is serious or adjusted, it is recommended to stop and perform targeted processing.

2, abdominal pain

Abdominal pain occurs in long run, and does not adapt to the ischemic hypoxia, diaphragm spasm after exercise, and the symptoms can be used to reduce running speed, deepen breathing, pressing pain, pressing pain The method is adjusted, such as severe abdominal pain, or after adjusting, slight abdominal pain is not alleviated or even aggravated, and the exercise should be processed in time.

3, dizziness, black eyes, chest tightness chest pain, difficulty breathing

Sports have made cardiopulmonary functions or have exceeded the scope of compensation, and some experienced runners often monitor heart rate, guide running through wear heart rate tables or heart rates. Motivation is also adjusted earlier, and the cardiopulmonary super-load can also be adjusted earlier during the operation of the horse. If you have a heart rate for a long period of time, you have a heart rate interval of anaerobic exercise for a long time, it is recommended to slow down and even stop in time to avoid overload of cardiopulmonary long time.

If you don't wear a heart rate table, heart rate belt, you can also feel through the body's status: If you can also talk freely, you can keep your heart and lung status, if you can only say words, you can't talk, breathing is urgent, you must slow down and even stop.

If there is still a dangerous symptom of dangerous symptoms such as dizziness, black chest tightness chest pain, breathing difficulties, full body cold sweat, must stop and help, call medical personnel.

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