The 8 Benefits of Running In Cold Weather

01 weight loss is superb

Running in the winter, because the cold environment, the body will burn more calories to maintain body temperature, in the same amount of exercise, winter running can consume 3% to 7% of the heat, so I want to lose weight friends, be sure to adhere to exercise Oh!

02 winter training to improve performance

Winter was who in the world, which has become a credo of many professional runners, because winter runners running training can enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength, adhere to a week after training system, wait until next year's horse racing season, the results will certainly some progress, which has been around a lot of running friends validated.

03 increase oxygen uptake

After a certain period of running in cold weather, can enhance the body's oxygen uptake, maximum oxygen uptake capacity represents the limit of a person's aerobic exercise, so it is very important endurance performance, and thus can be advantageously increase running speed, creating a higher level physical state.

04 more likely to be happy

On cold days, humid and sweltering relief, running at low temperature cold season, bodily mechanisms to stimulate the cold, will secrete more endorphins, which also causes the body to produce a sense of joy and happiness, so winter running more easy fun!

05 increase endurance

Running cold winter but also enhance the capacity and resistance, accelerate the body's metabolism, blood antibodies against the disease will increase the body's resistance to disease will also increase.

06 prevention of osteoporosis

In winter adhere to outdoor running, allowing the body to fully enjoy the sun, the sun's ultraviolet radiation is received, so as to promote the body's absorption of calcium, may be able to prevent a recession joints, also reducing the loss of the bone minerals.

07 exercise willpower

In the cold winter, an excuse for not running too much, "Do not want to run today, so before going to run, this is the way of thinking of the long-distance running," When we get the willpower to challenge the comfort zone, finish comfortable after the state, in order to feel original choice was right.

08 more self-discipline

The so-called freedom is not arbitrary, but self dominate! Winter running inside need a strong driving force, this is a high degree of self-discipline. Heart to feel the seasons, nature's charm is not just wind and soft, but also includes frost and snow.

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