The true meaning of cross-country running: find your "key role definition time"

I really like to run, like the marathon, I also like cross-country, I just started to feel the same, but later discovered that it was not a matter.

The marathon is lively, known as information, is very like a project manager to execute the project according to the class, very much like students read literati long in the classroom. Marathon gives us a lot of "struggle for goals and gets feedback", and, the most wonderful thing is that every effort can see the results.

The cross-country is very lonely, unknown information, very like a commercial development of the post to expand the unknown market, like a researcher in exploring an unknown area, you must work hard to evaluate the daily changes of each moment, And this is very exciting, very passionate. The cross-country runs more to our "discrete the inner accomplishment", and close to your own daily life. The cross-country run is just a "Environment forcing you to think", what can you gain, or you want to see what you usually, Kung Fu is in poetry.

I have ran a lot of long-cross-country games, I can have new feelings and breakthroughs every game, maybe because I usually train the reason why it is not enough, it is very hard. But because of this, every game is suffering, but it is engraved. And this is the moment you break through your life. The philosopher is called me. The number of physicists changed to the quality. And I am willing to call this "awake afterward".

Yes, running let me re-discover myself, he is my "key role definition time". This change will help you take off the housings of the secular and traditional concepts, break, and fire.

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