Beauty running friends new assessment of Aonijie C9108 running backpack

  In this severe form of the epidemic, many of our runners are actively cooperating with the epidemic prevention and control policy to reduce going out and avoid contact with crowded places. There are also many runners who have been unable to restrain their wildness in their hearts and yearn to go for a gallop in the mountains. Our Aonijie new backpack evaluation can take you to appreciate the intimate contact between backpack, man and nature!

The long-awaited new cross-country backpack is finally worn on our young lady's body. The look is really good, let's enjoy it together!

Evaluate whether the young lady's side face is beautiful
With our new backpack C9108, the looks and strength are great!

Every picture is a close-up of footsteps and sweat
Look down at your feet. Those are all mountains that have been measured by footsteps.

2L water bag can be placed in the water bag compartment on the back of our backpack

Backpack large-capacity design, scientific load
Two 500ML soft water bottles can be placed in the water bottle compartment on the chest!

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