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Since starting running,

I can't stop it.

It has become an indispensable part of life.

And when running has become a habit,

It is also changing us,

We shaped a vital body through running.

We have become healthy through running.

We have done more friends through running.

We love to run, this is such a group of people ...

1, be seen by the outsiders as a monster

Running a daily schedule,

Not afraid of heat and cold, wearing the moon,

No longer sleeping lazy,

No longer enjoy the weekend and holidays.

It seems that people running,

Another life is another life.

2, have a good body

Running almost more than any other exercise,

Combustion more calories,

Continuous running can also increase the intravascular muscle content,

Reduce fat content and maintain a good body.

3, really not old

Run can not only stronger body to prevent disease,

There is also the effect of beauty and beauty.

Running can improve the new metabolism of the human body,

Dedized pigment, make the skin whiter, smooth,

People who love to run, really not old!

4, very reliable, trustworthy

Running is not only a cultivation of physical fitness,

In fact, it will also affect people's mood,

You will become easier to focus on something.

It is also more object to your value,

People who love to run are trustworthy.

5, life will become long

Whether it is morning run or night running,

Runners are experiencing those sleeping

People can't experience happiness,

Priority is preferred to enjoy the sun in every day.

The conclusions were concluded after the investigation in recent 21 years:

Every day runs longer life.

6, good sleep quality

Regular running will automatically adjust the body to

It's easier to depth sleep.

So these people will be more than running people.

Fall 20 minutes in advance,

And it is easier to enter a deep sleep state.

7, a lot of medical expenses in the province

When the people around you go to the hospital from time to time,

I will find that I have not had a cold for a long time.

With health, natural will save a lot of medical expenses,

However, a lot of runners still bought equipment with these money.

8, make some interesting friends

Runners are not acting as a house male house girl,

But go to the running club,

Running will make people feel stunned to unload arms,

Runners are easier to find sincere friends,

Even the other half!

9. Wide thinking, wide sense

When the runner is in the deep connotation brought by the life,

Also forget people around you,

They will have a broader communication space,

More interesting ways.

10, life is very good

Running us a better lover,

Not only the charm value is improved,

The opposite sex is good, the inductance is bursting.

And the performance of the runner's sexual life is not bad.

Because running effectively promotes the secretion of male hormones,

Can enhance your ability! !

Let us run away,

That is, such a group of people,

Can proudly tell everyone around ...

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