What are the skills of running? Running considerations?

What are the skills of running? Running considerations?

1, floor buffer

If you have carefully observed others, you will find that many people are all overlap, and the sounds of landing are also relatively large. The correct movement is in the run, and when the foot is in the end, it is necessary to focus on the floor, and the feet should not be. This is a protection of ankle and knee to prevent osteoitis.

2, swing arm

The swing arm is in the running process, maintaining the balance and coordination of the body, making the body more naturally, more in line with the rhythm of human movement. When the arm is swayed, as long as you remember the elbow before remember, you will not show your hands, and naturally swing with your footsteps.

3, look up and chest

Keep your head when running, help improve the human breathing cycle system and establish normal remember. Because you are in the running process, the human body is constantly consuming energy, prone to fatigue, if you can use your will to stand your back, then you have to improve the hunchback status is actually very simple.

4, breathing

The breathing of running is far-reaching, generally using nasal sublet, and the body can be used to call the way.


5, heart rate

Judging as a healthy aerobic exercise is to distinguish between fast run. In general, the number of heart rate rhythm of physical exercise is: (220-age) × 60%. When you run, you can measure the following measurements.

6, head and shoulders

Head and shoulders should remain stable. The head is visiting the front, and the lower jaw is harder but don't bow. When you run, you should teach you to relax, and then you will hit it, stay, restore the original posture and repeat.

7, arms and hands

The hand should be slightly held, and the size arm is abqui 90 degrees, and there is naturally oscillating. Pay attention to the forward arm Do not reject elbows, and the back arm is not revealed.

8, leg

Bring the calf with the thigh, the knee should be directed toward the direction of the foot, and then lift it to the reasonable height and then repeat.

9, feet

Don't relax in your feet, don't tighten your toes, you can raise your duplication 10 cm. When the feet landed, the front foot should not be too strong to prevent the muscles of the calf muscles.

Running precautions:

Running posture is the foundation of all running skills. The correct running posture is the upper body, the lower body is relaxed, the body is pouring, the head is tall, the head is straight, the head, the chest, the navel, keep a line. The arm is relaxed, posing backwards, the weight of the body is inclined forward on the abdomen, back, especially the waist, in the swing twisted to lift the hip marshal, and then lift the thigh, calf, foot advancement.

Every advancement is on the strength of the body that is tilted forward, not the ground. The thigh, the calf is soft and relaxed. The body has a forward in the body, thereby pushing the body forward, the middle foot, accurately, is the middle of the palm, then lifted by the waist, thighs, and The landing point should not exceed the body center.

This is minimized the action of the ground, thereby reducing the pressure on the knee. The foot must advance in parallel, so that the internal rotation, the lack of internal rotation can be effectively reduced, thereby reducing the pain of the inside of the front end of the knee, the outermost pain.

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