Winter running precautions

1, clothing pay attention to keep warm

Winter outdoor low temperature, exercise is very important, runners can wear gloves, hats, earmuffs, etc. according to different weather, etc. It is easy to catch cold, don't heat it off because of running sweating, it is easy to cause a cold.

Winter clothes reference: At about 0 ° C, wearing 2 pieces of top, 1 pants, long-sleeved underwear and vests to keep core warm; about -6.7 ° C to zero-12.2 ° C, 2 pieces, 2 pants, Long-sleeved underwear outer jacket, tights, skirt, tights.

2, do your warm body before running

It is especially important to warm up before winter, because in winter muscles increase, ligament is flexible, and it is easy to run intramuscularly. Therefore, before running, we must first do warm-up activities, increase muscle flexibility, reduce the risk of injury, and carry around 5 minutes before running, so that the body is hot to slight sweating, then put into running training.

3, air pollution should not run

Winter is the high-risk period of air pollution, it is best to pay attention to the immediate air quality before going out. If the pollution is serious, it is not advisable to run outdoors. The breathing is deeper during running, and it is easier to inhale harmful substances, and may be changed to indoor intersection or treadmill training. The air is fine, the running friends should not miss it.

4. Control running intensity

Winter running training must be controlled on the quantity, trained, running too long, it is easy to cause physical fatigue damage muscles, and will also cause a big burden on the heart and lungs. For physical fitness and initiators, especially pay attention to! If you feel that your heartbeat is accelerating, breathing is urgent, which indicates that the training has reached a certain strength.

5, quickly change clothes to avoid colds

When the end is running, the body of the body will fall soon. Therefore, we will do it as soon as possible, it is best to drink some hot drinks when you are allowed to drink, which is good for recovery.

6. Timely stretching after running

After running, the muscles are highly excited and have a stiff and tension. They need to make the muscles from tension in the tension, which is more difficult to relax, thereby facilitating fatigue eliminating and maintaining muscle elasticity, reducing the acid brought to muscles Pain, reduce injuries.

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