What are the benefits of running the marathon?

1. Eliminate tension: jogging can decompose the two kinds of adrenaline and cortisol to cause tight hormones.

2. "Ventilation" effect: In the running process, the capacity of the pulmonary has increased from 5.8 liters to 6.2 liters, and the amount of oxygen in the blood increases.

3. Promote health: running can promote the generation of cymocytes and hot stocks, which can effectively eliminate many viruses and bacteria in our body.

4. Keep stability: Talkually, exercise, can make the tendon, ligament, and joint damage ability to strengthen, reduce the chances of motion damage. At the same time, skin, muscle and connective tissue can also become more secure.

5. Improve sleep quality: through running, the blood supply of the brain can increase by 25%, this night's sleep quality will also be improved.

6. "Pump" power increases: the frequency and efficacy of heartbeat will increase in motion, the elasticity of heartbeat, blood pressure and blood vessel wall will also increase.

7. Maintain younger: often exercise, growth hormone HGH is increased and can delay aging.

8. Plastic: running is a good way to lose weight, shaping. Through running, the fat content in the female body can be reduced by 12-20%.

9. Storage Energy: Through running, the storage of muscle liver glycogen has increased from 350 g to 600 grams, and the number of mitochondria will rise. 

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