What are the precautions for participating in the marathon?

What are the precautions for participating in the marathon?

1, a pair of suitable running shoes

A pair of suitable own shoes is the first thing to prepare, not only the foundation of the competition, but also helps novices reduce the risk of injury. So please understand your own feet, choose the right running shoes and take it into the row, or wear it on your feet.

Remember: Do not wear new shoes to participate in the game, please wear shoes that usually worn. Even if it is a new shoe, we put at least the training and then put into the game for 1 month, avoiding because the foot is not suitable, or the shoes are not soft enough.

2, quick dry, breathable fabric dress

After the shoes get it, the next is clothes and pants. Usually, the game will give the player to the game T, but why suggest a newbie to bring the game, because the clothes may have a size inappropriate, or the style is not good, the color is not good, and the like is not satisfactory. Novice also hopes to leave a beautiful figure on the track.

Clothes fabrics: Do not wear cotton clothes, choose gas permeability, absorbers fast, light and elastic clothes.

3, empty top cap

The main role of wearing a hat is to use the cap to protect the effect of sweat, prevent the sweat from sweating in the eyes during the jogging. On the other hand, wearing a hat also plays a shade to ensure that you are clear in summer. If you are used to wear glasses, the hat can also function to fix the glasses and prevent the frame from sliding due to sweat.

4, energy supply

Generally, the official replenishment only drinking water and sports drinks, very few food replenishment. For novices, there will be cramps and hunger after half the way or 30 kilometers. 
At this time, the self-prepared energy water,it is especially important, and the key moments can restore you in time. physical strength.

It is recommended to bring us usually used to food, don't get in the game, may be terrible.

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