Do you have experienced cross-country running?

1. Moderate Adventure

Some people don't want to have a risk

Will choose a little road

Although they choose the road, although it is simple and easy

But come out to this off-road route system

The challenge to you is that your condition is not available elsewhere.

When you play cross-country

The most interesting thing is that you find a strange road.

Curious about where

Then take it down

"Embrace the opportunity, the courage to challenge" is part of life

It is also part of the cross-country running

They are closely linked together

2. Equipment problem

Don't pay too much weight

A pair of suitable running shoes

A bottle of water supplement moisture

It is enough for you.

3. Mentality of running

What is the mind in your mind when you run?

One of the best things you can do

Just think that you are in what environment

Try to choose a positive thing

You need to see your feet want to lead you where you?

Instead, you don't want to be involved.

To see your eyes 10-15 feet in front of you

Instead of burial, I have to look forward

Go to the free upstream sun

4. Cross-country running skills

Cross-country running is three-dimensional stereo jogging

You need to change your running posture, can't just a posture

You can run around, run up and down


Skip the stone, skip the snake ...

You don't know what will happen around

Unknown is the fun of crossing the wild

To mobilize the whole body with different actions

Various helpful

5. Philosophy behind the crossing

The most important point harvested from cross-country run is:

The Yuefield will take you to the moment

It takes you to your environment

Attracting your attention to where you need to pay attention

Our thinking will always tend to

Floating into the past and the future

The current mixture of past and future

It is representative of this change in the world!

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