Now start to wear sports Aonijie Backpack For Running you can get 12 benefits right away

Now start to wear sports Aonijie Backpack For Running you can get 12 benefits right away

We are now basically in a state in a living, work, and the body's activities are less and less. Do you have a physical quality that is getting worse? It is time to start let your body activity, don't need you to prepare for it, put on sports shoes, go out and run a step. It is not more simple than the exercise, and it is better than running. At the same time, running can also make your body get a lot of health benefits, then do you want to consider running a step?

Sports can give us a health benefits not necessarily you can see, but some benefits that run can bring you almost immediate. You can take a few laps outdoors and you can feel the following 12 health benefits, let us start running.

1. Pleasant mood

Many people think that running is monotonous, boring, but it is precisely this seemingly boring way of movement, but you can improve your mood. The study of medical school found that you can make you feel happy all day even if you run a few kilometers, like an anti-depression.

2. Relieve stress

We now work in a very large pressure, there is no way to relieve stress, in fact, you can effectively alleviate our inner pressure levels as long as you run for 20 minutes. A study conducted by the King University of the London found that the amateur runner has increased by 29% after running training, and the level of self-relaxation has increased by 18%. So, when you feel that your heart is very pressing, let go of your work, go out to run a step is a very good way to relieve.

3. Weight loss

We all know that aerobic exercise is a better weight loss method, while running is a very efficient aerobic training method. For many fitness enthusiasts, they often refer to running when they say that there is an oxygen training. However, when you run, how much calories can be consumed, depend on your weight, age, running speed and running training time. Generally, if you run 30 minutes, you can consume heat from 200-500 calories.

Aonijie Backpack For Running

4. Improve learning efficiency and memory

A study published in the Cognitive System Research Magazine found that when you have learned what new things, go out to run exercise, your brain will be more efficient than you play video games. Handling and remember the content of these new studies. This is a more interesting research. For students, outside the heavy learning, it is a positive role in taking the time to run running to run the study efficiency and learning effect. Now I found that running can make you smart.

5. Inhibition of inflammatory responses

A study conducted by California University found that we only need to carry out 20 minutes of running exercise, which can effectively inhibit inflammatory response in the body. From the current research, if we cannot control the inflammatory response in the body, it will slowly become chronic physical health damage, resulting in the increasingness of our health, and eventually appear slowly. Therefore, the current West is very concerned about the control of inflammation, and believes that this has a positive preventive role in our health. At present, we have a very simple way, that is, go out to run.

6. Improve sleep quality

A study found that if we carry endurance training in the morning, then improve your sleep quality in the next night. You can not only sleep faster, and you can sleep more lasting, sleep quality will be significantly improved, enjoy a high quality sleep.

7. Improve the speed of metabolism

According to a study, endurance training can improve our FGF21 hormone level, which will improve your metabolism in your body. FGF21 hormones will also affect your desire to eat sweets, which gives it fundamentally to suppress the idea you want to eat. Help you effectively control your weight.

8. Energetic

Now our life is very fast, work pressure is very large, often feel exhausted and over-fatigue, and will also affect your sleep quality, which will go to a malignant cycle. The more tired, the more you sleep, you will be very tired, how can you do it? The good news is that a study made by Georgia has found that we have a 20-minute low-intensity running exercise, you can increase your energy level 20%, so that you will feel energetic. So, don't be lazy, go out to run, you will feel more powerful, more energy.

9. Improve self-confidence

You don't have to stand in front of your mirror to encourage yourself, and you can raise your own self-confidence. A study on the "Health Psychology Magazine" found that exercise exercise, such as running, you can make your confidence, let you be more confident to yourself.

10. Enhance attention

The university researchers found that if you are trying to focus on your work report, you find that you can't concentrate your own work. If you go out to run, you can make your brain. Quietly, don't need too long, just 12 minutes of running exercise, you can significantly enhance your attention and improve your reading compr

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