What Brand Of Sport Five Finger Socks Is Good?

When exercising, on the one hand, the feet will bear more impact and force than usual, so you need to have good shoes and socks to give protection; On the other hand, the feet will also emit more sweat, also need good socks to absorb sweat and sweat, keep the feet safe and comfortable.

So choose a good sports socks, the key is to see it on the foot to maintain and sweat absorption function. Selection method:

First, in the choice of material, to choose pure cotton texture. Pure cotton material is soft and sweat-absorbing, so it feels comfortable to wear, especially in outing. The disadvantage is that the cotton fiber is not very good in moisture removal. After the cotton fiber is wet, it dries very slowly. If you carry out activities for many days in rainy summer, you should try not to wear cotton socks.

Second, sports socks are flexible. Good elastic socks volt stick, will not slip. The fibers of socks with poor elasticity are agglomerated after washing, which leads to the deformation of socks and uneven parts, and people will feel their feet grinding during sports. When buying socks, we should see whether the elastic fiber of the sock waist (rib mouth) is broken. If it is broken, we must not buy it.

Third, exercise socks are not as thick as possible. According to the specific situation to decide to choose thin or thick, in general, feet easy to sweat, should choose slightly thick; Instead, choose something slightly thinner. Some sports, such as badminton, socks are too thick to affect the feeling of the feet, so buy a little thin. In addition, if there are ankle injuries, you should wear thick socks, which can play a role in fixing and protecting the ankle.

Fourth, wear specialized sports socks for specialized events. Attend certain sports to want to wear special socks, some antagonism strong project, such as football, socks have very high waist, the purpose is to protect the crus, in the movement must not be ignored.


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