How To Buy Running Waist Bag ? Running Waist Bag How To Wear?

How To Buy Running Waist Bag ? Running Waist Bag How To Wear?

Sports Fanny pack is also called running Fanny pack, it is in the fitness, running or cycling back on the waist, the bag of the items such as keys, mobile phone, with light, comfortable, anti-skid, durable and other characteristics, suitable for people who love sports, professional athletes. The material of sports money bag is polyamide or polyester material more, in ensuring deportable while, still have the characteristic such as breathable, sweat absorption. When buying sports Fanny pack, we should pay attention to the material, safety and style of the Fanny pack, and try to choose the most suitable for their own sports Fanny pack. Next and small make up together to understand the purchase and use of sports belt knowledge!

What is a sports Fanny pack?

Sports Fanny pack is a Fanny pack that we wear when we exercise. It is generally hung on the waist, or it can be straddled across the chest or back.

What's a running belt for?

1. Storage function

The biggest role of the sports purse is to receive the goods to carry, a large capacity of the sports purse can not only receive cash, mobile phone, bank cards and other items, but also can be installed under the kettle, keys and other objects.

2. Safety effect

General sports belt will have a reflective design, in the light will reflect the light source, play a warning role, so that the movement in the morning exercise, exercise in the evening more safe.

3, anti-skid effect

The material used in sports belt is mostly waterproof material, which can play the role of anti-skid, waterproof and sweat absorption, and will not affect the movement effect in the movement.

4. Decoration

Sports Fanny pack can be used in sports, but also as a part of clothing collocation. When wearing looser clothes, a sports Fanny pack can be used to modify the waist and look more fashionable.

Sports Fanny pack purchase points? Does sports bag or arm bag work better?

In the gym, the armbag is better

When you work out at the gym, you don't have a lot of carry-on stuff, so you can fit it in an armbag. And, with arm package the influence that is opposite to movement movement is very small also, the most important is, the movement of sports room is more acuter commonly, perspiration is more, and purse is tied in the waist, adverse to discharge perspiration, also can affect take exercise state.

A Fanny pack is better for outdoor use

How to choose a running Fanny pack? Is it better to carry a running pack or not?

Choose according to individual needs.

If you are running a marathon, half a horse and other long distance, it is recommended that you take a kettle with you, because you can replenish water at any time, and it will not affect running. If you are just running for general fitness, it does not matter if you do not have a kettle, and a kettle will also affect the running experience.

Running water bottle Fanny pack how to choose? What about a sports pack?

Materials: printed canvas, scissors, zipper, needle and thread, ironing machine, buttons.

Practice steps:

Step 1: first measure the size, and then draw the drawing according to the size, and cut on the printed canvas.

Step 2: Use the belt as the table cloth, and use the belt as the lining cloth.

Step 3: Align the lining with the table cloth and press the line, then sew the lining into the table cloth.

Step 4: Use an ironing machine to smooth the fabric and then sew the zipper back on.

Step 5: Flip over to the front and press the tape inward.


How to carry a sports belt?

1, stuck in the middle of the waist

The most common way to carry a sports belt is to clip it in the middle of the waist. If worn with looser clothing, it can also be used as a belt. When carrying, try to put the bag in front, so that not only easy to carry things, but also not easy to be stolen.

2, on the side of the waist

Put the Fanny pack on the side of the waist is also a good way to carry, so that it looks more comfortable, casual, but also more personality.

3. Hang on the chest

How to fasten a running pack?

Card buckle sports belt can be brought by adjusting the elastic ban, and the elastic material of the running belt can be automatically adjusted according to the size of the waist of the sports size, and Velcro style of belt, can be based on the size of their waistline, the Velcro paste in the appropriate position can be tied.

Sports Fanny pack cleaning and maintenance?

After exercise, our clothes will remain a lot of sweat, and exercise belt is no exception, so after every exercise, it is best to hang the belt in the ventilated position to disperse air. Generally speaking, if there is no obvious stains in the purse can not be cleaned, if there are stains, you can use a wet towel to wipe, you can also rub with your hands, do not vigorously rub or put directly in the washing machine to clean, otherwise it will make the deformation of the sports purse.

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