What Brand Of Climbing Stick Is Good? How To Choose A Climbing Stick?

What brand of climbing stick is good? How to choose a climbing stick?

Climbing stick, as the name suggests, refers to the auxiliary equipment used in mountaineering. Climbing sticks can bring many benefits to outdoor climbing activities, such as improving the stability of walking and reducing the burden on legs. According to research, walking with a climbing stick can reduce at least 22% of the force applied to the muscles and joints such as the legs and knees, making the legs feel more comfortable, while using two climbing sticks at the same time can provide better balance. Mountaineering sticks are very popular with outdoor mountaineers or donkeys, but there are many brands of mountaineering sticks on the market, which makes it difficult for people to choose high-quality ones. Let's share with you what brand of mountaineering sticks is good and how to choose them.

1. Select according to the material of the pole: the material of the pole can be divided into aluminum alloy, carbon alloy and titanium alloy. Aluminum alloy is strong, light and cheap; Carbon alloy is as strong as aluminum alloy, but it is lighter and more expensive; Titanium is lighter and stronger than aluminum and carbon, but it's more expensive. Now many manufacturers use titanium alloy and aluminum alloy together, so the price is cheaper than pure titanium alloy, but the strength is far more than aluminum alloy, and their ductility has been improved. The diameter made of carbon alloy and titanium alloy is relatively small, which makes people feel very light. When you use them, you can swing them very fast, and it's easy to put the tip of the staff in a suitable position. You can choose the right material according to your own needs when you choose the climbing stick.

2. Select according to the shock absorption design: most of the high-quality climbing sticks have shock absorption design, and most of them use spring shock absorption devices, which can reduce the impact force on shoulders and hands, and effectively reduce the vibration of wrists, arms and shoulders. Some styles also use special fluids. In the process of use, the damping device can be opened or closed at will. Generally, the damping device is closed when uphill and opened when downhill. Ordinary climbing sticks have no shock absorption design, so you should pay attention to the shock absorption design before you buy them;

3. Choose according to whether it is retractable or not: most of the high-quality climbing sticks are retractable. You can adjust the length of the climbing stick according to your height or outdoor terrain, which can better meet your needs. Generally, a three section climbing stick is more convenient than a two section one. After the length is locked, it should be very firm but not too tight. If it is too tight, it will be troublesome when it shrinks. Maybe the same type of product is different in the degree of tightness. Xiaobian suggests that you try more when you buy it, so that you can choose a suitable elastic climbing stick;


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