What is the spirit of the marathon?

Marathon spirit is challenging self, beyond the limits, honest, never give up.

The process of running the marathon is to fight with yourself, using your strong willpower to relieve the lazy, negative, fear, and abandonment, etc., thereby reaching the goal of defeating yourself and reshaping themselves. At the same time, running marathon is a spirit of persistence and never give up.

In this way, how much can, how much is the number, how much the number of steps is pursued, and another happiness is formed in a rice measurement, and it has formed his own running philosophy, and the subtlety has influenced its own spiritual appearance, and the difficulties in life. It is also more easy to face and solve it. The process of marathon movement is full of hardships and joy, reflecting the spirit of human challenge and challenge self, and is therefore loved and respect.

The spirit of the marathon can gain a detail of life. For example, the first step in running the marathon is to learn to start. It is like some hearts of a big ambition, but the person who does not pay for action. If it is not able to implement it, it is a meaningless empty talk. So just step forward, every step is progress.

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