Recommend Aonijie Outdoor Running Backpack Aonijie Trail Running Backpack

Recommend Aonijie Outdoor Running Backpack Trail Running Backpack

Today we introduce a water bag for cross-country running. Water bag for cross-country running is also an essential equipment for cross-country running and one of the compulsory equipment for cross-country race. The water bag for cross-country running is generally better than the ordinary backpack for its close fitting, and it won't sway when running. And equipped with water bags, climbing sticks, soft water bottles, ordinary water bottles and so on. It is mainly used to carry water and other things, such as food, headlights, clothing and so on. Generally, it's light weight design and excellent adhesion. Some of the better water bags on the market are more expensive.

Here we recommend a aonijie running hydration backpack, which is first-class in terms of practicability, appearance design, materials and workmanship. The water bag for cross-country running can be divided into 5 liters, 10 liters, 12 liters, etc. It's better to run 50 kilometers with 5 liters. It's better to run 100km with 10L or 12L. Of course, it's OK to use 5L. For example, the 30L with large capacity is generally used in super long distance events that need more supplies. For details, you can consult our customer service!

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