What kind of medical exam is to do before running the Marathon?

It mainly includes physical examination, electrocardiogram, cardiopulmonary function, heart rate, blood pressure, medical history, etc.

1. The blood pressure is obviously exceeded in the normal range (high pressure 130-90mmHg low pressure 90-60 mmHg).
2, ECG Tip: The heart rate is significantly higher than 100 times or less than 60 times per minute (except professional training), or suggests that the risk type has arrhythmia or obvious myocardial ischemia.
3, the heart color B hypothesis has a clear cardiac structure and function.

Warm reminder: One of the following performances does not recommend participating in the marathon

(1) There is a clear person who is clearly dead, especially the history of cardiac death.
(2) There is often a feeling of implying your own heart in except for fellowship (exercise, emotional excitement, drinking).
(3) There is often feel that there is chest tightness, shortness of breath, shortness of intake, and in front of the quarter, and the general symptoms can be alleviated by no more than 10 minutes.
(4) There are night sleep frequently wake up, and they will be relieved after deep breathing.
(5) Have a clear history of myocarditis, wind, heart disease, high mind, coronary heart disease.

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