Why hold marathon?

1. In order to commemorate the victory of Marathon's Battle Campaign and commended the completion of the Hero-Philhardis, in 1896, Athens, at the first Olympic Games, stipulated the marathon racing competition. The distance is the distance of marathon to Athens, according to the route after Fiji Artis, is determined to be 40 km and 200 meters. 1920, after careful determination, the distance is changed to 42 kilometers and 195 meters.

2. With the improvement of economic development and living standards, people no longer pay attention to material demand, and the pursuit of health, leisure and high quality life is increasingly obvious, and running is the most natural and easily acceptable way of human beings. The hold of the marathon is the instinct of ordinary people to participate in the national fitness.

3, the housing of the marathon, is of great benefit to the entity of the entrants and will. Marathon is a challenge to himself. It is a success for the award of the marathon, which is not for medals. It is a success for a medal. It is worth a success for a medal.

4, the marathon schedule covers tens of kilometers of urban areas to help improve the visibility of urban and brands, and pull the economic development of the game.

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