What is the correct posture of running? What do you need to pay attention to before running?

I have to remember the chest, don't let the back become a bow shape, and the back and knees in the run will have a pressure. In order to offset this pressure, it is necessary to cross the speed, do not try to increase the speed by using the swing arm, this is an invalid Sports, let your hands relax, swing along the way.

When running, you need to pay attention to the knee forward, use the inertia of the knee to give yourself a good power, don't pay attention to the stretch after the foot, let the ankle relax, judge the way, don't play forward, so It will be easily injured.

When you reach the ground every step, you need to relax, don't fall on the ground, you will naturally reduce your footsteps when you try to reduce your foottime.

And with the foot and not with my foot.

What do you need to pay attention to before running?

Before running, you must have a warm-up exercise, no warm-up, the joint muscles of the whole body are not flexible. After running, you may feel muscle pain, even hurt, however, only correct preheating can be effective, before running, you must Let's make a slight static stretching of slow motion and then use dynamic stretching to end your warm-up.

If the amount of exercise is large, too much sweating, a small amount of salt can be added to the boiling water, keep the acid-base balance in the body, and some sports drinks containing electrolytes can be prevented from being spasm.

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