How to solve the calf pain after running?

For this case, you can use the following method to ease:

1, muscle stretching. For muscle stretching, it can accelerate muscle relaxation and antagonist relief, which helps the muscles of the sputum, and the static graphics practice of acid pain, keep the stretch for two minutes, then take a minute to repeat, do a few days This stretch exercise is very helpful to relieve this situation.

2, massage. After running the massage is the most effective way to eliminate muscle soreness, you can choose to take half an hour after running or exercise before going to bed. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the muscle fine structure, so that muscle soreness is recovered The speed is slower.

3, the post-hot application. Under normal circumstances, the muscles will slowly restore after a few days, and the early stage can be relieved to relieve muscle soreness. It can be used in the later period. If the big family lacks exercise, sudden exercise intensifies, causing anti-lactic acid to weaken, this time can effectively promote blood circulation, in time, the lactic acid and other metabolites are discharged, thereby achieving the purpose of relieving muscle soreness.

4, bath. Many people will take a bath directly after exercise. In fact, this is a wrong approach. The correct approach is to foam hot water after half an hour. The temperature of the water can be slightly higher than the body temperature, the purpose is to promote blood circulation, thereby weakening the sensation of muscle soreness.

5, sufficient sleep. No matter what exercise, good rest can be less than half. Because when the human body is in a rest, the blood circulation will be slowly promoted, and the exclusion of metabolites can be accelerated, eliminating the supply and repair of nutrients in the muscle sore soreness, so that it will return to normal.

The method of easeing muscle soreness after exercise is still good, and the effect is good. In order to avoid pulling the ligament during the exercise, everyone must do a good preparation before exercise. Don't do something else immediately after exercise, but you need to rest to slow down, timely supplement the moisture needed, otherwise it is easy to accident.

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