What are the famous marathon events in the world?

London Marathon
Time: in late April
Overview: Birth in 1981, it was generated by the inspiration of New York Marathon. The days held by the game are the most important in the London sports chapter.
Size: More than 30,000

Paris Marathon
Time: in early April
Overview: What do you think of Paris? Red wine? Perfume? Fashion? Tower? Romance ... But if you are a real running enthusiast, then you will first think of the spring of the Parisa in this dream every year. Match.
Size: More than 20,000

Boston Marathon
Time: Mid-April
Overview: Boston Marathon begins on April 19, 1897, is the world's first city marathon competition, only 15 runners attended. Since its establishment, Boston Marathon once a year, never interrupt, usually in mid-April.
Size: More than 10,000

New York Marathon
Time: early November
Overview: If any marathon can not hesitate to claim that he is the most popular in the world, it is a New York Marathon. The New York Marathon's reputation is second only to Boston, founded in 1970, and the participants exceeded 100,000 people.
Size: More than 30,000

Chicago Marathon
Time: Mid-October
Overview: Chicago Marathon founded in the 1970s, since 1997, it has created amazing results for 3 consecutive years, making it the best and largest marathon in the United States.
Size: More than 35,000 people

Berlin Marathon
Time: late September
Overview: The Berlin Marathon held in late September is among the world-class marathon, to a large extent, to thank the world's record of tracks and organizing committees with ultra-efficient events.
Size: More than 20,000

Rotterdam Marathon
Time: April
Overview: Although this Netherlands small town is not considered to be in Europe, there are always thousands of long runners every year to come here, and participate in the marathon held in this modern harbor city. Rotterdam is still one of the first batch of marathon using electronic timers.
Size: More than 10,000

Amsterdam Marathon
Time: October
Overview: The Amsterdam Marathon begins in the late 1970s, but it has been established in recent years to establish considerable international reputation with this famous city in recent years. Compared with other top marathons in the world, Amsterdam Marathon is small, intimate, only more than 2,000 people. But in these more than 2,000 people, most players come from all over the world, they are attracted by the charm of this city and the speed of this marathon.
Size: 2,200 people

Huno Rurumalay
Time: October
Overview: Most running enthusiasts do not have to find a reason to find a reason to The monk Larmaraton started the game in the dark in the dark, and it was painful, but this ensures that the game was played in a cool temperature. Once the sun rises, you can enjoy a fascinating scenery in the Pacific.

Size: More than 20,000 people

Stockholm Marato
Time: June
Overview: Stockholm Marathon is known as treasures in marathon, starting to shoot at 2 pm on the first Saturday of June. The climate in this season is mild, but the atmosphere is unprecedented. About 1/3 of the citizens have flocked to the streets and shouting, whether they leaders or lagging people will get their enthusiasm.
Size: More than 10,000 people

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