Marathon training method and skills

Marathon training method and skills

Many people in life love to run, and go to the marathon. For preparing to participate in the marathon, we need to train in advance and master some techniques. In order to prevent the child, let's introduce you to the next time when the game will be injured.

1. Each time we are running, we have to do warm-up exercise, at least 10 minutes. Relax on the various parts of the body, especially for the legs, and do some simple warm-up exercise. If you don't know how to do it, you can go online to search for a very similar video;

2, running the marathon needs to circulate gradually, we don't run too much at once, otherwise your body can not eat. We need to specify the target, such as 10 km every day, next week, run 15 kilometers every day, increasing, let the body have an adaptation process.

3. Every time we train we have to pay attention to speed, keep moving acceleration in the early stage, so that you will slowly adjust it. In the later period, you can slowly accelerate, so you will slowly adapt to the speed of running;

4, we will take a pedometer when we run, do a record and comparison for the distances and time you run, repeat the comparison every day, check whether you have improved;

5, Marathon's training for a week, 3-4 times in a week, run so much every day, we can't stand it, we have to work and rest. I feel tired and rest, let my leg muscles relax to avoid strain;

6. We are best for marathon training to find a relatively empty place. The road is relatively flat, and the pedestrians and vehicles are small, so that training will be better;

7, equipment is also very necessary, preparing clothes and shoes, a pair of good quality running shoes, is also very important for our training. Second, clothes should be supered to absorb sweat, wear comfortable;

8. After running, we have to warm up, don't suddenly stop at once. Let yourself stop slowly, then stretch, and relax in all parts of the body;

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