Effective methods and precautions for running weight loss

Effective methods and precautions for running weight loss

Running weight loss is a kind of life in weight loss exercise, but many people have found themselves after running for a while, then they are going to reflect on themselves.

Running is a good exercise, but the method is not a matter of death, the effect is not as wishing, so I know how to run the weight loss is very important! Mastering the right running method and lose weight is half!

1. Be prepared before running

Before making aerobics, the potential thermal energy of the body is fully adjusted to the preparation state, which is conducive to the adjustment of the internal function, stimulates the sports hormones in the body, promoting the neuronal cells in the brain, to a certain extent, to improve memory to some extent
2, preparation action before jogging

Standing, hands on the hand, alternating active ankle, about 5-10 minutes. Warm motion can improve the muscle temperature, making the muscles soft, not easy to be injured.


3, running time and speed are the key to healthy weight loss

If you want to lose weight, every run is the best to arrange in 30-60 minutes, too little time does not reach the effect of fat burning, and the time will cause muscle fatigue that is not good for health.

If you lose weight, the speed of running is not too fast (of course, it can't be too slow), the speed of about 6-7km / hour is the most reasonable, and the fat is sufficient and oxygen, combustion.

There is a simple judgment standard in the run, that is, there is sweat when running, and the body is not airless, it is very uncomfortable, this state is the best.
4, after running, you must relax the beautiful shaping of fat burning fat.

After jogging, stretch your body can make the excess fat in the body fully combust, let most parts of your body have exercised and shape your perfect S curve.

The correct posture and relaxation mentality are beautiful. Both hands are placed above the head, closely do their stretch postures, tensile torself.

After running, make an appropriate amount of stretching, can alleviate the heart rate of the superiosphere.

5, do relaxation after running

After the micro-sweating is running, you must do some relaxation activities, such as slow walking, legging, squatting, moving waist, chest, etc. Temperature, heart rate is basically returned to the room.

Relaxing actions Recommended: Two hands are placed above the head, closely do stretch postures, tensile torself.

Running weight loss must do this

1, don't go up and run

First, the power training can consume most of the glycogen reserves. When you start an aerobic exercise, fat can be mobilized, and the efficiency of combustion fat is improved.

2, every time you run 20 minutes, you can't lose weight.

In theory, it is about 20 minutes or so that fat begins to mobilize the participation of the time, if only 20 minutes, fat is just mobilized, and the purpose of burning fat is not reached.

3, drink drinks while drinking = white running?

We jog jog on the treadmill (speed 8 to 9) an hour consumes about 500 kilocars, if you drink a bottle of 350 ml of glucose drink, it is equal to you about half an hour!

4, when the treadmill is running, it can't burn fat.

Run fast on the treadmill, sweating, panting. In this way, running is not long, but more importantly, there is no fat.

5, jumping run easy sprained ankle

Toe, when another foot is lifted, the body center is on the front toe, the tibia and the patellore tissue are the largest, and the knee is easily injured; in addition, the contact surface of the toe is small, it is easy to cause the body's instability, so that the body shakes left and right. It is easy to cause the internal flap or rollover of ankle joint.

6, before the tendency is easy to lose gravity

The center of gravity of the body, the pressure on the knee joint is increased, which is easy to cause knee joint damage; the same center of gravity is added to the foot, there is no way to achieve the stability of the arch, it is easy to cause an ankle to instability.

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