Do you know the benefits of cross-country running?

  In cross-country running, runners often can't predict the road conditions and emergencies ahead, so they don't have to time or control the pace. Runners should be careful, calm and focused. Cross country running training is generally measured not by distance, but by hours. The 10 kilometer cross-country run along the more difficult route takes 50% ~ 100% more time than the road run.

Solo cross-country running is the most classic and beautiful way of cross-country running. If you feel bored, you can also find a companion to meet and challenge yourself in nature.

1. Cross country running will stimulate muscles and have a good training effect.

2. Cross country running can increase the fun of running, improve the endurance and coordination ability of runners, and exercise foot muscles.

3. Cross country running can improve the maximum oxygen uptake of runners.

4. Cross country running makes runners more passionate and more challenging. Running in unfamiliar fields, runners will feel relaxed, peaceful and able to find themselves.

5. Uneven roads and many obstacles can exercise the endurance, coordination and concentration of runners. In the field with changing road conditions, the runner's body must remain stable. Compared with road running, cross-country running has higher requirements for muscle groups.

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