What should I pay attention to when the marathon is jogging?

The first marathon jogging needs attention:

1. Choose a pair of suitable own running shoes, running, comfort, soft sporting and protection.

2. Accurate running posture, not only avoid injury, but also reduce physical consumption.

3, running to use step-by-step methods to train, for a rollover to participate in half horses or full horses, you must set up a long distance jogging every week, so you can feel your own bottleneck, and through training Work hard to break through it.

4. Pay attention to the weather factor in time, select the appropriate clothing.

5. For the players who participate in the marathon, they must do warm-up activities before the game. It must be tailored in the schedule. Don't set up the goals of your ability. If you have unwell, don't force yourself, timely, you will be a team doctor or volunteer. Help.

In short, marathon movement should not pursue a long distance in a short period of time, but should be based on strong body fitness.

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