What is the difference between Marathon VS Trail running?

Distance and line

  The marathon is divided into the whole process, the distance between the full-deputy marathon is fixed 42.195km, half a horserath 21.0975km, most starting is both endpoints, and the starting point and end points.

  The distance between the off-road competition is divided into: 50km or less (generally known as the experiential group), 50km, 100km, 168km, 330km ... or even longer distances. The starting point and the end are sometimes not together, that is, starting from A. A one-way line of B, this is a non-closed loop type; the other starting point is also in the end point in A, and the line finally forms a closed ring, this It is a closed loopline.
2. Environment

2.1 track:

Marathon is generally held in the city, the road is flat, and the track is more hard-paving roads. It is based on urban representative landscapes and architectures. Every corresponding distance will be marked guidelines. Basically, there will be no lost situation (running " Another way in the direction).

The cross country race is carried out in the mountainous area, and the track is fluctuated. The crawling decline is generally calculated in KM, which is mainly natural scenery along the way, occasionally through the village. Participants should respond to the gravel road, the stone road, the filled trail, the slippery road, the wooden bridge, etc., sometimes it is necessary to climb the water and even the slope.

The track indicates that there will be reflective strips, in order to guide the direction of the night, the participants must have the ability to find road signs, especially in the intersection, can be lost in the direction. Therefore, download the game line GPS navigation line before the game, and has certain self-navigation capabilities.

2.2 Weather factors:

Marathon is rarely done because of the weather factors. The entrant of the cross-country race is completely in the natural environment. The track is greatly influenced by the weather. In extreme weather conditions, in order to ensure the safety of the entrant, the organizing committee will terminate the game or temporarily modify the track.
2.3 Region:

Different regions will be held in the marathon and cross-country. In a special geographical game, it may have a certain impact on the body. For example, the high altitude is high to be alert to the highlands induction, and the low latitude humidity should pay attention to the imbalance of heatstroke and electrolyte. The cold area should prevent the stool and freezing.

Due to the relatively long duration of the off-road competition, participants are more likely to be affected by natural factors. Before the game, you should have a good preparation for the regional situation in the competition. Once you accidentally wait for the ability to save the rescue.

3. Replenishment

Participating in the marathon does not need to carry water and food with yourself, and the replenishment station can fully meet the needs of the runner competition. Otherwise, the organizing committee will force the contestants to carry a certain amount of heat and water.

Although both have a supply station, the basic replenishment includes water, sports drinks, fruits or phonics containing electrolytes, but compare the marathon, the replenishment of the field ride is much more. In the competition of the 100-kilometer group, participants can store their favorite food in the replacement point. On the one hand, it reduces the weight of the whole process, and on the other hand, I can give yourself.

4. Equipment

That is to talk about the unique equipment and characteristics of the wild. Overall, off-road equipment is as light as possible.

4.1. Cross-country running shoes

Marathon running shoes focus on long distance running comfort and support for the foot, on this basis, pay more attention to the protection of the foot of the protective and sole, surrounded, the sole pattern is deep, the pattern is different depending on There is a different design on the road.

4.2. Water bag

Cross-country run essential equipment. Mainly carrying an appropriate amount of water, food, and some must-have clothes and competition forced equipment

4.3. Cane

Unlike mountaineering canes, it is suitable for off-road cane and foldable, which is easy to carry. It is not a must-have equipment, but if it can be used in the off-road competition, it can save many physical strength for the entrant.

4.4. Headlights

Lighting for night competitions. Some games start at night; some competitions have to last dozens hours, during the day and night; there are some games to pass the forest, this time, if you touch your fog, there is no headlight in the mountains.

4.5. Insulation windproof layer

This mainly refers to the jacket that is close to warm functional clothing and the outermost windshield. The outdoor weather is changed. In 2016, there are no more than a young man in Hong Kong, the temperature drop, the top ten winds, the mountain road is frozen, if there is no problem with the clothes, the problem is not moving, this is Wow, threatening life!

Therefore, the organizing committee will enforce participants to carry the corresponding warm clothing according to the local climate characteristics. In addition to the mandatory clothing, the entrant can carry appropriate clothes according to its own situation and local climate characteristics.

5. Psychology

  The psychological pole of marathon is generally most obvious during the physiological hit. When the collapse is close, there is a warm audience to cheer, there are people who have the same situation around them, and most runners can stick to the end. In the off-road competition, the two sides of the track are lush plants. When you hear the wind, you have to climb your big slope, and there is no peer that doesn't have a shouting to eat melon. At this time, you can give your mind. Support often is yourself.

From psychological, cross-country is more abusive than marathon. But even so, cross-country is much more than the marathon. If the marathon can meet a city, the cross-country can make me feel more natural. On the track, the morning can feel the warmth of the sun, and you can see the beautiful sunset in the evening; there is a large-raised flavor of the sun, there is also the front of the wind and rain; the night is roaring the sky, sometimes hear the body A variety of small animals in the beside forest.

The off-road let me appreciate the beauty of nature, and I also feel his strength. Walking on the ridge, the 8th large wind blows open, the wind roars in the ear, the cold wind blows the finger, which makes my heart fear at the time, although it is finally coming over, but it is unforgettable.

If the marathon can let the entrants go beyond their own, the cross-country is to let me constantly enrich themselves and know themselves. From the pre-match training to the forefront, from the analysis competition line to the match plan, then to verify your previous ideas, when should you insist, when you need to choose to quit, every time the game will be over I have something to gain.

If the marathon is a documentary, it is not easy to record 42.195km. So off-road is a story film. If you encounter people, what happened, every game has your own story, and it is forbidden to come back.

Throps these, why participate in the cross-country race, and then don't talk about it: Cross-country b is high, one of the thresholds, the threshold, you have to run the whole horse; cross-country equipment has Fan, the International contest Sweeping is more in China, basically will not hit the shirt; the off-road match is difficult to wowble than the marathon, go to the mountain downhill all day, not only reasonably replenish the distribution of physical strength, but also see navigation.

  Of course, ridicule is returning, really wants to run to off-road, really prepared to be psychologically and physically, blindly follow-up is not responsible for yourself, and add trouble to others. In addition to adding strength exercises and mountain training, multi-experience running experience is also indispensable, this can help you get more information about the game and deal with some cases, many of the sharing will be very Good way.

  Summary: In the end, marathon and off-road have characteristics, there is no who is low. The longer the distance, the longer the time, the greater the challenge of the body. If you want to participate in the cross-country race, please be prepared, correctly assess your ability, participate in the experience group (50km or less) will be a good attempt. Whether running the marathon or participation in off-road competition, happy is the most important ~ I hope everyone can feel more of the exercise to give us happiness!

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