Do you know what the benefits of trail running are?

Trail running is a natural environment in the wild running on trails and foot movement. It runs the site and roads running difference is that runners mostly in the wild nature on hiking trail running, mountain passes often, larger fluctuations may occur. Chinese of "trail running" usually refers Trail Running, also known as "cross-country trails run" or "Run Mountain", this type of trail running race in general there will be more than 40 km long distance track. Meanwhile, the "trail running" in Chinese also mean Athletics Cross Country (Cross Country Running), which is an IAAF event, usually a shorter track, no more than 12 km, cross-country trails run than the rule must be strictly .

For performing natural environment in the field of long-distance race. Both independent contest project, is often used in various sports training methods. There is no fixed distance, are not subject to restrictions of space equipment, each practice or competition are prevailing local natural environmental conditions, route selection, decided to start and end.

1. The Trail running will have a good training effect on the muscles.

2. Off-road running can increase the fun in the running process, which is conducive to improving the endurance and coordination capabilities, exercising the muscles of the foot.

3. Performing off-road running can increase the maximum oxygen content of the runner.

4. The Trail running makes the runner more passionate, let the runner have more challenges. Running in unfamiliar wild, runners will feel the spirit, inner peace, can find yourself.

5. Papers and obstacles can exercise the endurance, coordination skills and focus. In the wild, the runner's body must remain stable. Compared with the road run, Trail running higher requirements for muscles.

6. Diversified training allows the foot to better share the load of the knee joint and protect the knee. In a long time, in a single road training, if there is no diverse training, the exercise of the lap is less stimulated. Trail running allows the runner to withstand different forms of load in running, get more exercise. But this exercise should pay attention to the way different from the road, otherwise it will cause pain to the knees.

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