The benefits and disadvantages of marathon to people

Marathon is an aerobic endurance, a distance of 42.195 km.

Many people think that marathon is a professional athlete, will it be carefully asked to ask a knee pain? Or the tone of the people: "If you run, you will know the knee hurt."

In fact, as long as the method is right, there is nothing wrong, I am afraid that I don't know how to run. Today, I will tell you about how to run the marathon.

Running the marathon is advantageous to the human body
First, improve cardiovascular function and enhance the function of the body.

It is a long-term aerobic exercise in a long time. It needs strong cardiovascular coordination of organs and systems to complete the running process. This enhanced process has passed the monthly tired, which is undoubtedly a new metabolic and muscles of the human body. Support motion, promote body circulation and detoxification, to achieve fatigue effect.

Second, strengthen the biological clock and reduce the burden on the body.

As long as it is often running the marathon, the time law is a basic living state, or the morning or night run, running has become an indispensable part of life. In order to ensure this law, we must give up many of the willingness, such as staying up late. , Alcoholism, etc., a person's life law, the body adjustment is regular, the burden is small.

Third, while shaping healthy body, cultivate strong perseverance.

Not only the marathon is longer, and the usual running training is also quite time consuming, but this is a cultivation of thoughts and spiritual perseverance, dripping stone, gathering tower, and does not give up, it will encourage yourself.

Fourth, release pressure, feel happy.

On the marathon track, you will find children, youth, middle-aged people, elderly; you will find different genders, different skin tones, people in different countries, giving people equality, affinity.

The contraction of the skeletal muscle rhythm is conducive to the psychological relaxation, soothing emotions, and releases the pressure. In terms of psychological, through running, you can temporarily transfer your attention to your movement, let yourself listen to the rhythm of your heart, make your body and mind more focuses and relax, is a very good active relaxation method.

Running the marathon to the people's body is unfavorable

First, the risk of exercise damage.

In addition to the medical examination, I will inform you that sinus arrhythmia, many runners are inevitably of the defects and insufficient laughs and shortcomings of training, injury and health are accumulated, if they are inconsistent or training methods, strengthening In the process, there will be the risk of injuries, and you must not pay attention.

Running Marathon is a system engineering, from diet, sleep, training, pay attention to listen to the body's reaction, especially to prevent micro-, you will feel that your body is fragile, you have to cherish it.

Second, after the thin, there is no meat to support the skin, and people have a dry.

Marathon is a long-distance running activity, and its fat burning is particularly good, so most of the people who often run the marathon are slim, and the body fat content is small.

However, when the age is relatively large, the metabolic function will decrease, and the intake of the diet will also be relatively reduced. If you still keep running habits, then because the fat and metabolic reduction make the skin do not seem to be elastic, Crumpled.

Running the Marathon, in fact, the two practice of the body and spirit, is also a way you choose to live, profit and disadvantages, all of themselves, but for most of them.

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