Top 10 things to know about safe running in summer

Top 10 things to know about safe running in summer

The hottest season of the year is approaching, and runners have to face the scorching heat, humidity and heat of running. To run or not to run is a question.

It's June, and then heat is a runner's worst enemy. It's hard enough to run outdoors in temperatures above 30 ° C, let alone when the temperature reaches over 35 ° C at one point.

The recent weather in Jiangsu and Zhejiang province where Xiaobian is located is not only high temperature, but also high humidity, and outdoor running is even more difficult. Here are some tips to help you navigate your heat challenges.

Top 10 rules of summer science Running

1. Reduce the amount of exercise and the intensity of exercise appropriately

The amount of exercise in the thermal environment should be maintained at 70% to 75% of the daily amount of exercise; For example, if you normally run 10 kilometers, you only need to run 7 -- 7.5 kilometers in a thermal environment. At the same time, the pace should also be reduced.

2. Slow down, forget about pace, and let your heart rate and body reaction tell you how to run.

In hot weather, the heart rate will increase, which is related to the increased work burden of the heart, sweating and other factors. In other words, at the same speed, the heart rate will increase, and the increased heart rate is more likely to cause fatigue.

Therefore, it is important to maintain the heart rate, and a modest deceleration of pace is acceptable for the same steady heart rate.

3, more water

It is recommended to drink 500-800 ml of water one to two hours before running. The more fully hydrated the body before running, the lower the risk of dehydration. Hydrate and drink sports drinks with each run.

At the same time, hydration after exercise must be greater than the lost amount of sweat (equivalent to 150% -- 200% lost amount of sweat), can be weighed before and after exercise weight for hydration basis.

4. Use "pre-cooling" before running

Pre-cooling refers to a powerful means to reduce the core temperature and surface temperature of the body and improve the body function and ability in the high temperature environment by stimulating the body locally or whole-body through artificial cooling measures before competition or exercise.

By running, running in the water to the face, head, body, thereby reducing the body's core temperature and surface skin temperature, increase the body from the inside to the surface of the thermal gradient, reduce the peripheral blood flow for heat dissipation effect, every cardiac output increase heart, maintain the stability of internal environment the, improve the ability of the body movement in a high temperature environment.


5. Wear loose, light-colored breathable quick-drying clothes

Try to wear clothes that are breathable and quick to dry when you run in hot conditions. This will allow the sweat to dry quickly. Compression equipment can be discarded

Summer running hat, sunglasses are more important, can play a role in reducing head exposure, reduce heat.

6. Avoid running in absolute heat

Try to run during cooler mornings, evenings and evenings, and avoid running between 10:00 and 15:00, the hottest part of the day.

When sudden discomfort occurs, the first thing that comes to mind is heatstroke, and immediately stop to have a rest

If you feel dizzy, nauseous, chills, or stop sweating, stop running immediately, find a cool, shady place, and drink water or sports drinks. If you don't feel better or worse, ask for help immediately.

7.Use cross training

Summer insists to run of course is good, but not equal to torture oneself, you can choose to have the strength training with relatively high intensity indoors, the way such as swimming to replace a part to run, integrate a variety of training means together;

8.The alternative is cross-training, which not only prevents you from overusing your body, but also allows you to maintain and improve your body. By doing less running and replacing it with other training methods, your running ability will not be damaged at all, and may even be improved.

In addition, if there are conditions, you can still choose to train on the indoor treadmill, so not only more comfortable, but also to achieve the summer insist on running, why not? There's no need to stick to outdoor running.

9. Drink the day before or stay up late instead of running in the morning

In summer, when it's hot, many runners choose to run either in the morning or at night. Although morning runs are relatively cool, it can be over 30 degrees in many places in the morning, which increases your risk if you're not in good shape.

☞ If you drink the night before, alcohol has a strong diuretic effect, which causes dehydration to occur earlier, your heart rate to spike, and the negative effects of your hangover on your exercise ability to continue the day after you drink.

In addition, staying up late can lead to a serious lack of sleep, and sleep is of irreplaceable importance for eliminating fatigue and promoting body repair.

Staying up late is equivalent to sleep deprivation, so in the morning, you either function state is not good, or forced to be awakened by the alarm clock, the body is in a significant state of inhibition, at this time not only greatly affect the state of morning running, but also give the body too much pressure, so staying up late is not suitable for morning running.

10.Summer adhere to running is not equal to blind adhere

When the temperature and humidity are high, do not force, should cancel the training or indoor training, at the same time, when running, sudden discomfort is the first thought of heat stroke, do not stick it out, or it is very likely to develop into severe heat stroke.


Real runners will face the hard summer training, because the summer sweat is saving energy for the autumn run freely, for the runners who insist on summer training praise, but this persistence must be based on science.

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