Trail running equipment and precautions

During the trail running process, you will run long distances in a high sea level, need to be used to walk, trail running, etc., absolutely can't ignore daily training. In the mountain movement, the consumption will be particularly fast, and it is also a test for human endurance and will. Through the basic exercise of the "special", you can exercise the abdomen, lungs, legs and shoulders of the mountains, especially the power of the core muscle group, so that you have more confidence in running.

The benefits of crossing the wild

A wide outdoor space, especially the beautiful scenery of the mountain, a list of small mountains, is a competitive stage of many trail running runners.

trail running can truly test their physical fitness and meet the adventure.

Master how to deal with some of the skills of some thrilling scenes.

Understand the environment

First, you have to master the terrain, climate and ultraviolet irradiation of training and match locations. These factors determine the items you need. The key is to bring everything you need, don't bring anything that you don't need.

Make a good supplement

The trail running runner should carry sufficient water and food during exercise, preferably high energy, high energy to meet the basic supplements required to get lost and injured. In motion, it is necessary to periodically hydration and eating, drink pure water and functional beverages, and the latter contains more electrolytes, salts and sugars. At the same time, energy rods and dried fruits can also be edited.

Ensure that it is not lost

No matter how long the mileage is traveling, always carry the steering wheel and map with you when you go out. Since the weather in the top of the mountain is always in a state of change, after a long journey, the trail running runner is easily lost and the way, because the surrounding terrain looks like it is always like. Before hiking, you must tell relatives and friends, you are going to go, how long it is. The essential tool also includes: a breathable tape, lighter, a first aid blanket.

Trail running equipment

T-shirt: Wearing ordinary running shoes and T-shirts in trail running is not good, need to choose a fabric with strong wear. The fabric is trying to choose the outer layer is a woven nylon material, which can resist various wear; the inner layer is a soft polyester fiber, which is both comfortable, and it can quickly absorb sweat; the back is longer, the seam is more secure These combine can keep climbers to keep dry and refreshing during training.

Hoodie: Winter can choose trail running hoodie. It is made of tough mesh cloth that allows heat to spread quickly.

Sports underwear: Hinged vests allow athletes to move your body in the maximum range.

Shorts: Shorts made of wear-resistant fabrics, the seam is firm and ventilated.

Sneakers: The upper is made of breathable mesh cloth; the shoe is made of rubber and forms a protective effect on the arch.

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