Running novice must master the knowledge point

  Everyone who insists on running, they are very persistent and love for running, almost every day, unless I met the old Tianye didn't give the face, there is nothing to persuade their enthusiasm for running. Running to them, not only is good for physical health, but also an attitude of persisting on life. If you want to run health, you need to do these:

1, the strength of your own is the best

  On the runway, we can see different speeds, some people are like wind, some people are slow, which can be seen that the speed of running does not have a hard regulation. The running speed determines the running intensity and wants to stay healthy, and choose the intensity of yourself. Every time I run, as long as I feel particularly tired, I can continue to talk, I will continue to have a good level, and the running time is about 40 minutes, run too much easily to hurt the muscles and joints.

2, find the running state

  Running status needs to be adjusted, breathing, posture, speed, and mentality in many ways. In a good running state, the whole process will feel easy to decompress, hearty. Simply, keep four shots, three-shot three sucks or second-shot two can, according to its own physical condition; the posture is basically the posture of tainting, leg joint microveloped posture; speed It's easy to say that you can relax by listening to music. To do this, you can help to find a running state, and your body is more coordinated.

3, pay attention to warm up

  Semi-sports is a safe habit of many senior people, but they will feel that warm-up is a waste of time, so the steps to relax after the warm body and running after running, just simple running. Warm motion often uses a simple action of stretching limbs, relax joints, can actually actively and joints, avoiding problems such as ligament injury in running. After running, make a simple tensile action can help the flat complex rate and mitigate the muscles caused by exercise. In order to protect your health, the warm-up pulling extension before and after exercise is indispensable.

4, nutrition is reasonable, sleep well

  Running is a very consumable exercise, if the diet and sleep quality can't keep up, running will not only get health, but also bring huge pressure to the body. In order to ensure the quality of sleep, it is best to go to bed every night, and good sleep quality can bring all physical strength. Diet nutrients can not be ignored, and after running exercise, the demand for proteins will increase, and the protein intake should be increased in daily diet, and eat more meat supplements. Nutrition, sleep and exercise three-pronged approach in order to create a healthy body.

  There are a lot of people who are engaged in this sport. There are many people who have questioned its safety and health. Everyone should rationally look at this sport, and use the scientific way to dialectically treat it, choose the strength of yourself, find quasi-state running every day to ensure nutrition and sleep, so as to protect the health benefit in running sports, the harvest healthy.

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