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Tips for trail running

Even runners with rich running experience cannot completely control the laws of nature. Therefore, in the process of cross-country running, we still face a lot of risks, and sometimes the chance of accidents is very large. Here are some points to share with you about cross-country running.

First, observe the weather, and companions

Wherever you are playing outdoor sports, it is best to go with experienced athletes and bring a map, compass, mobile phone and flashlight with you, just in case. Especially at high altitudes, the weather can change quickly and storms can easily occur. Even in summer, bad weather can be a disaster, so plan ahead.

Second, the use of correct posture, reasonable distribution of physical strength

According to the selected section, the stage of running, and the condition of their own physical energy as a reference to the reasonable distribution, use of physical energy. Can use the method of working stage and resting stage timely and alternation, achieve run already fast, run again the goal that saves effort. Use the body forward slightly inclined or straight posture, try to make the body of every part of the movement of harmony and coordination, and learn to use the support reaction force and inertia generated in running to promote their own forward, so that they achieve the effect of stable and fast running.

Safety measures for trail running

Must improve their awareness of danger, pre-prophetic difficulties.
(1) When you find the problem, you should immediately stop and analyze your situation, and check whether the goods and life-saving equipment you bring can solve the problem. If you are injured, first aid should be given and then action should be taken.
(2) The traditional way to call for help can be divided into two types: active: can light a fire torch or smoke bomb, to attract the attention of passers-by; Passive: you can hang a flag or draw a distress message on the ground. Naturally, the most straightforward way is to ask for help on a mobile phone.
(3) In that there is a storm coming should be early shelter or open the tabernacle, to stay after the weather is stable to continue to start.
(4) Since a cross-country runner's body consumes a large amount of water, it is important to bring plenty of water and food.
(5) The advance walking itinerary and route information to inform relatives and friends, so that others can timely inform the search and rescue personnel to find your tracks.
(6) Travel together, each other can take care of, both at ease and rest assured.
(7) It is recommended to have a Aonijie running backpack, wear on the back, convenient lightweight, can store the kettle and rescue supplies, making the movement interest.

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