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Zhejiang Aonijie Outdoor Products Co. Ltd. is an original outdoor sports brand founded in 2011. It advocates the brand concept of "enjoy sports, fun off-road" and is committed to the research and development, production and sales of running equipment and outdoor sports backpack. We provide high quality and cost-effective outdoor sports products and have a good reputation in the fields of marathon, road running, cross-country running, mountain climbing and trekking.

AONIJIE Product : Trail running backpack,Sports Hydration,Waist Packs,Trekking Pole,Sports Accessories,Five Finger Socks,Clothing Accessories

Zhejiang Aonijie Outdoor Products Co. Ltd. is now open to all over the world, welcome all countries have a common interest in outdoor sports dealers to join us, looking forward to your consultation!


+86 18757016035


+86 18757016035